Friday, February 5, 2010

Sonny T

After many requests, here are some new pics of Sonny T

And finally some with his eyes open :)

Mummy & her other man

'Im looking at you'

11 weeks & counting and he's been soooo good


Ling Lin said...

the cutest baby i've ever hugged :D

Cake Lover said...

He is sooooo gorgeous! They are the best pics Nige. I love the one of Mummy and the Other Man! Also the last one is so adorable. xx

Kyles :) said...

He has changed so much already hasn't he :)

yoori said...

Awwww must be 3 months now!!! Soooo cute!! and beautiful photos too!!! Love his thick and curly hair too!!

Hayley said...

What a gorgeous little man :) Congratulations and all the best, Hayley.

toddhuntermcgaw said...

dude.. nice baby making!.. CUTE ! :)

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